Monday, June 30, 2014

Boyd Lake thermocline

Tom Miller has again probed the depths of Boyd Lake - and found a thermocline developing at about 20 feet down, a potentiallly good place to look for fish as summer temperatures continue to rise.

He also reports graphing fish at that depth on his depthfinder, and caught one 14" trout at that level.  Thank you Mr. Miller.  You'll find a graph of his temperature readings on the club website; just click here.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

River's Edge opening for fishing on July 4th

The three ponds of River's Edge Natural Area will be open for what is described as "temporary public access" beginning July 4th.  The new natural area adjacent to Jayhawker Ponds was set for opening last fall but was heavily damaged Big Thompson River flooding.

This should be a great spot for club outings, and we'll get something on the calendar for July.  We won't have any scheduled events in the first full week of July.  Here's the news release we received from Brian Hayes, Loveland Natural Areas Resource Coordinator.  Bill 

City of Loveland, Colorado

Public Information Office:  
Lisa Schwartz, 962-2556,

Media Contact:
Brian Hayes, Natural Areas Resource Coordinator   

River’s Edge Natural Area Interim Opening July 4th Weekend
The temporary opening of River’s Edge Natural Area is planned for the weekend of July 4th.   Regular hours will be 6:00 am to 10:30 pm daily.  Parking will be available at Centennial Park, with walk-in access to River’s Edge via the Recreation Trail underpass at 1st Street.  Walk-in access will also be available from the Thompson School District parking lot at 800 S. Taft Ave.  
Trails, ponds, restrooms and a bridge to Jayhawker Ponds will be open for use. Fishing will be allowed in accordance with CO Parks & Wildlife regulations (all rules & regulations are available on the city’s website: 
Damaged areas will be identified with signage – visitors should proceed with caution in these areas.  Temporary fencing around the core area (parking lot and picnic pavilions) will remain in place until permanent repairs are completed for safety. 

River’s Edge will be open for approximately 6 months, while re-design takes place.  The site was scheduled to open last September but due to extensive damage from the 2013 flood, has remained closed for repairs.  The interim opening was prioritized in response to citizen interest for access to trails and fishing.  Temporary conditions exist and restoration projects will be ongoing.  Permanent repairs will be completed during winter/spring 2015, requiring a full site closure at that time.  A grand re-opening is planned for summer 2015.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Anyone for Dixon Tuesday?

Dixon's on our calendar for June 17, and the bluegills are bedded up and biting.  The weeds are really thick this year, making it tough but not impossible to navigate.

I'll be out about 6 a.m. with my float tube; it you want to fish from the bank, I'd say okay, but you'll have more luck if you at least wore waders.  Dry flies, rubber spiders or popping bugs will do the trick.  Dixon is on the west side of Horsetooth, just south of the CSU football stadium.  Bill

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dave goes from first place to downright annoying

Dave Boyle caught a true "Colorado Master Angler Award" candidate Sunday, a 17 1/4" smallmouth at Horsetooth Reservoir that locks down both first and second place for Dave in the club's "biggest fish of the year" contest.

His catch is a 1/4" more than needed for the "Colorado Master Angler Award" for the species.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Help with Girl Scout fishing at Swift Ponds Wednesday, Jan. 11!

About 100 little Girl Scouts are coming to Swift Ponds for their annual day camp adventures, and they all want us to take them fishing.

We have a huge new fishing dock and covered pavilion ready for us. It should be great fun, beginning around 9:30 wrapping up by about 12:30.  We know it's just a few days after the Loveland kids derby, but that's the way the schedule worked this year. Let's be there by 8:30, to set things up.
Parents will be dropping off their kids about 8:30 a.m., so it will be congested around then.  Rather than go through the main entrance, we should be able to enter a back gate.  Swift Ponds is located a couple miles north of the I-25/Windsor exit.  From I-25, take Colorado 392 to the stoplight at County Road 5.  Go north 1.5 miles and look for an unmarked drive to the left.  We'll be set up on the west side of the pond you pass as you enter.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

One great kids' fishing derby

By any measure, including the size of the winning trout, the 2014 Loveland Police Fishing Derby was a huge success.  We'll post some more photos later, but here's 5-year-old Damien Gagnon with his mother and club Fishing Derby Co-Chair Keith Gentry and his prizes for the day's biggest catch.  T'was a 16 1/2-inch rainbow that was the talk of the tournament - a full 4 inches larger than the next biggest fish taken.

Keith Gentry, left, with 5-year-old Damien Shemel and his mother Heather.
Attendance was great, fishing was terrific, and the club outdid itself in helping make this a memorable day for young anglers and their families.  Thanks to all who worked under Keith and Larry Carlson's leadership for a spectacular day on the duck pond.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How Colorado Youth Outdoors cleans and cooks Kids Derby trout

Impressed by the way our Colorado Youth Outdoors partners clean all those trout at the Loveland Police Fishing Derby, while hordes of hungry kids wait and watch?  Tom Miller will be helping the crew this year, and here he describes the technique he and other CYO volunteers will be using Saturday:

Trout! Now we just need lots of kids

The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife made its promised fish drop on Thursday, paving the way for Saturday's Loveland Police Fishing Derby.  Larry Carlson, left, and Ron Schaft, far right, watch the hatchery trout make their way into the dark waters of the North Lake Duck Pond.  See you Saturday.

Photo by George Kral

New Swift Ponds facility ready for us for us and Girl Scouts on Wed., June 11

We've got a huge new fishing dock and covered pavilion ready for us at Swift Ponds, and we're going to try something very ambitious and different with the Girl Scouts this year!

It should be great fun, beginning around 9:30 wrapping up by about 12:30.  We know it's just a few days after the Loveland kids derby, but that's the way the schedule worked this year. Let's be there by 8:30, to set things up.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Clean up on Lon Hagler trash - then Lon Hagler fish

Tuesday, June 3 is the club's annual cleanup at Lon Hagler State Wildlife Area.  We'll gather about 9 a.m. in the boat launch area on the north side, pick up the accumulated litter for a half hour or so, then fish by boat, float or bank.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Helping a new generation of anglers ...

Helping introduce young campers to fishing at Boyd Lake on May 24 were Tom Garland, left, Bill Prater, Tom Miller and Dennis Kelsey.  A few fish, some high muddy water, and kids who really like to fish, who will hopefully join us at the Saturday, June 7 Loveland Police Fishing Derby.