Thursday, June 27, 2019

An annual trip with friends to Wyoming's Pathfinder Reservoir paid off big time for Dick "Fishhead" Hunsaker. Over three days of trolling with Thomas Buoyant Spoons the lads scored with a succession of fat rainbow trout, including two over 5 pounds that measured 23-24 inches.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Anglers encouraged to catch illegally introduced northern pike at Kenney Reservoir, earn $20 per fish

CPW Weekly News Release had this article in this weeks Fishing News and Events.

RANGELY, Colo. - The illegal, unapproved relocation of fish from one body of water to another continues to cause significant problems for management agencies, water providers and ethical anglers across Colorado.

Recently joining the list of reservoirs impacted by the presence of illegally introduced northern pike is northwest Colorado's Kenney Reservoir. In the fall of 2018, Colorado Parks and Wildlife aquatic biologists confirmed the presence of the nonnative predator in the estimated 335-surface-acre reservoir located near the town of Rangely. Authorities believe the northern pike were most likely dumped illegally into the reservoir, or the White River, by a 'bucket biologist,' a pejorative term used to describe someone that moves live fish in an effort to create their own personal, unapproved fishery.

"Releasing fish unlawfully and selfishly is self-defeating and will not work as intended," said Lori Martin, CPW’s Northwest Region senior aquatic biologist. "Because northern pike are indiscriminate predators and consume any fish they catch, we will not throw our hands in the air and ignore the problem. We will take action one way or another to deal with this illegal introduction because it is very harmful and the stakes are so high. This hurt existing fisheries and it certainly has negative impacts on anglers, the majority of whom are law-abiding and ethical."

CPW says illegal fish stocking can result in fines up to $5,000 and the permanent loss of hunting and fishing privileges. In addition, anyone convicted of illegal fish dumping will likely have to pay up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to reclaim the body of water.

To read more click on the link above.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Need some fishing gear?

Long time club member and past president Bob Scott is selling off his equipment at a garage sale Friday at his home, 604 Namaqua Road.

The sale officially begins at 9 a.m. but he’s expecting friends to show up right after breakfast. His collection includes a lot of ice fishing gear including a 4-person hut. He also has wood-working equipment.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Boyd Lake filling fast

Not sure when the gates opened, but water's flowing into Boyd from Horseshoe through both pipes in the Marina Inlet. In years past the moving water has attracted white bass and other fish into the inlet.

Meanwhile, water continues to flow out of Loveland Lake into Horseshow, attracting catfishermen at the inlet going under Monroe Avenue.

Biggest trout at the Derby: 14-inch rainbow

Here's "Paul," winner of the biggest trout award at the 2019 Loveland Kids Fishing Derby, a fat 14-incher. 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

A memorable 2019 Loveland Fishing Derby

Lots of sunshine, fish and kids. What more could you ask for? Here are a few pictures from Saturday's Derby. You can find, print or download others by clicking on this Google Photos link. Photos by Bill Prater and Rick Golz, who will be taking over the leadership of the club's involvement in the derby next year from Keith Gentry.