Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dec. 3 ... time for a road trip to Bruce's!

Okay, fans of the "all-you-can-eat" Rocky Mountain Oysters.  Norm Englebrecht declares it time for the latest road trip to Bruce's Bar in Eaton.  Everyone, including spouses, needs to experience this legendary Severance, CO  eating establishment.

The plan is to gather at the southeast corner of the King Sooper Parking Lot off Lincoln Avenue and 29th Street at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 3, and carpool to Bruce's, a half-hour or so northeast of Loveland.  It's a pretty big place, but we make up a pretty large crowd, so let Norm know whether you plan to join us.

Directions (Harley riders call it the "Nut Run":  Because of road construction, it's probably best to just take Colorado 392 through Windsor to U.S. 85, then go north about 4 miles to first street in Severance.  To read about what you're getting into, click here.

Ice fishing safety

 ... More on our ongoing effort to keep ourselves safe out there ...
Thanks again to Dave Harem for Tuesday's excellent primer on getting ready for ice fishing.  I trust we'll see some new faces out there in the cold willing to risk a little frostbite.  And I, for one, for once, am hoping for an early ice cap. 

Dave Harem and his ice fishing tools. Photo by George Kral.
Here's the article I promised you at Tuesday's meeting, "Safety on the Ice, Lessons from a Survivor," by Fish Explorer Colorado Field Editor John Stevens.  It's got some sound advice on how to ensure a safe experience on ice, and a cautionary tale about what can happen if you don't.  Here's the link:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dues are due!

It's time to take advantage of one of the great bargains in all of angling:  the $25 annual dues to be a member in good standing of the Loveland Fishing Club for 2015.

Treasurer Barbra Ding will be collecting dues at Friday breakfasts and the Tuesday, Nov. 18 and Dec. 16 general meetings, and if you pay up early you'll be helping her keep ahead of the game with budget planning.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Want to help lead the club?

In line with club by-laws, and keeping our club active and successful, it's time to decide the club's leadership for 2015.  If you're looking for ways to become active in the Loveland Fishing Club, now's a good time to step up.  We'll all be voting on who will be voting members of the board - who it turn will appoint other positions.  

The club's current elected board members are Bill Prater, President; Lou Colton, Vice President; Barbra Ding, Treasurer; and Charlie Higgs, Secretary.

By electing Lou vice president for 2014, you essentially named him our 2015 president. Bill will continue as a Past President and Parliamentarian, with continued board voting rights for one year. At the annual meeting in January you will be voting on a new vice president, secretary and treasurer.  

We also need folks to serve as Raffle Chair, Program Chair (arranging speakers for our monthly meetings), and Webmaster/Editor.  If you're interested in one of the elected or appointed positions, contact Lou, Barbra or Charlie.