Thursday, February 11, 2021

Mercury Introduces V12 600hp Outboard

 For those of you that like to brag about your boat motor, saying mines bigger than yours is in an effort to boost your manhood try and make others feel, well, a bit lacking, it doesn't work. Your brain might get a little massage and endorphins might flow a little and make you feel good. If you're that kinda guy maybe you should buy a few of these and be at the top of the heap eh?  You might need a bigger boat to put them on but then again maybe not, just get one for the bragging rights and put it on that old boat of yours.

The entire article, with videos and pictures can be seen here. Mercury Introduces V12 600hp Outboard | Boating Magazine

New outboard said to redefine performance.

BoatingLab Director, Randy Vance, and myself, had the opportunity to run Mercury Marine’s new 600-hp, V12 Verado outboard aboard a test fleet of six different boats at the fabled Lake X test center. These ranged from a 40-foot bowrider to a 46-foot center console to a 50-foot cruiser. Based on that on-water experience, I believe this new Mercury engine will change the landscape of large outboard boats. With dual contra-rotating propellers, a steerable gearcase, a two-speed transmission, 7.6 liters of displacement and 12 cylinders arranged vertically, the V12-600 provides thrilling performance with smoother and quieter operation than any other large outboard engine we’ve run. From the helm, running both dockside and on open water, the V12-600 delivers a feeling of authority that is not matched by any other outboard we’ve tested.

Check out this short preview video we created, read the official press release below, and look for our complete review of the Mercury V12 Verado coming next week.

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