Friday, February 5, 2021

Uh, that wasn't one of you in the middle of Boyd, was it?

Ice conditions have gotten pretty treacherous on local ponds and lakes, fishing fans. 

St. Vrain State Park reports all its water to be treacherous, and there is open water all around here. Still, I saw a handful of anglers and a hut way out in the middle of Boyd Wednesday. I'm notoriously irresponsible, but even I won't give that a try right now. 

 Any thoughts on alternatives? It's cold and windy right now, but I'm thinking it's nearly time to get back to the Red Feather lakes or southern Wyoming. West had a good 7 or 8 inches last week, and was fishing well; and Hattie had a good foot of ice the other day between Norm and wet stuff. 

Anyone been to Bellaire, up near Dowdy? It's traditionally a nice little, fishable pond, but I think you have to hike back a half mile or so from where the road is closed for winter. The road in that far had been closed while they cleaned up fire damage, but I believe that work's been done.

Talk, people. send me a note at billjohnp.

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